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Peas & Ticklemore





    200g podded peas 60g pea shoots 60g ticklemore cheese 40 wild pea flowers or 16 nasturtium flowers 8 sprigs chervil 12 mint leaves 120g olive oil 40g apple juice 40g cider vinegar Salt and pepper

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Using a pestle and mortar combine half the chervil with salt and grind until bright green and broken down. Combine the olive oil, apple juice and cider vinegar to make the salad dressing. This will make far more than you need but I guarantee you'll want to use it on other things in the future so you might as well make up that amount. Chop the mint leaves roughly and mix with the peas and add dressing, a pinch of pepper and the chervil salt to taste. Plate the peas and spread into a thin layer. Cover the peas with thinly sliced Ticklemore. Mix the pea shoots in the same bowl you just mixed the peas in, think of using the shoots as a tool to mop up whatever is left in the bowl. If you've done it right they will end up being lightly dressed. Don't overdo it as they are fragile things and will wilt easily. Put on top of the cheese. Add the flowers and picked chervil leaves.

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