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Accelerating change towards an environmentally restorative and socially progressive hospitality sector.


The SRA works with businesses from across the foodservice industry and like-minded industry bodies, campaign groups, and businesses that supply the sector through Food Made Good's signature programme.

Sitting at the intersection between food service and the sustainable food movement, the SRA defines sustainability for the sector, assesses behaviour, measures action and celebrates progress.

Food Made Good is the world’s largest food service sustainability programme. We are a global movement working to make every meal served out of home as sustainable as possible.

Food Made Good is the core programme of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, with our global headquarters in London and partner offices in Hong Kong, Japan and Greece.

One Planet Plate is a worldwide restaurant campaign by Food Made Good to address the inherent problems in our food system and invite diners to join a better food future. The global campaign is delivered in partnership with Food Made Good in Hong Kong. To learn more about our work in Hong Kong, please visit the Food Made Good HK website.



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